Summer Hydrating Tips

Getting enough water every day is important. But, especially in the summer heat. Water is vital to helping your body stay healthy and hydrated and to keep your body functioning correctly. Your body needs more water when you’re in warmer climates, and physically active.

Drinking water should be a part of your daily routine. Here’s one rule of thumb to create a routine: women should drink approximately 2.7 liters of water each day while men should average 3.7 liters of total water. You can also divide your body weight in pounds by two and drink that number in ounces of water each day. Example: If you weigh 120 lbs, you would consume 60 oz of water!

I find that I naturally drink more water when it's warmer, especially when I'm outside riding my bike or playing golf. I carry water with me all the time. If you get bored with plain water, try to add slices of citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange) to your water. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake during the summer months is also a good idea as they contain water! You can make juice and/or fruit smoothies to quench your thirst and stay hydrated! I find that just plain cucumber juice is so refreshing and delicious! My final tip is to try to avoid any water disguised as a sugary drink.

Happy Hydrating!

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