Pilates and Mobility

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Mobility issues can come about when individuals are not aligned while moving. Not having a good flexibility and strengthening program can also lead to mobility issues. Certain incorrect and repetitive movements can become damaging to the soft tissue around it and/or the tissue of the joint itself.

Poor mobility does not necessarily mean lack of movement or flexibility. It can mean overuse of joints while the body is misaligned or while doing repetitive movements while misaligned (cycling). These mobility issues can often lead to issues with strength, and balance of strength across a joint.

For example many mobility issues of the hips and shoulders can cause pathologies that often lead to surgery. Individuals can also have poor mobility of the knees, ankles and spine.

Pilates is an exercise method that focuses on moving with correct movement patterns along with proper body alignment and strengthening of the stabilizing musculature.

I focus on helping my clients become more mobile while strengthening the surrounding muscles (stabilizing muscles) of the immobile area as well as the larger muscle groups.

If you need more information about mobility, you can email me for a consult.

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