Cool As A Cucumber

Cucumber Juice



Lemon (optional)

Mint (optional)

Cucumbers are 90% water and are a great addition to your diet during the summer; they are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin K, B and C, as well as lots of minerals and antioxidants; and they contain electrolytes which help with hydration.

Use firm, fresh, organic (if possible) cucumbers. You can peel them and cut them up if using a blender to make your juice. Simply use cucumber and water in a blender; blend for about 2 minutes and strain afterwards with a cloth or small strainer to get a smooth juice consistency.

Fresh lemon zest or juice can be added (to taste) in the blender to boost the immune system as well as a few fresh mint leaves; mint adds a refreshing taste and is good for digestion!

If you just want the cucumber juice without the lemon or mint, you can simply juice the whole cucumber with skin and all in a juicer and garnish with lemon and/or mint. A blender works better if you want the lemon and/or mint blended in.

Drink the juice as soon as you make it for more freshness and nutritional effectiveness.


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