Why the Fundamentals and Principles?

The Pilates Method of exercise is based on 6 Pilates Principles as well as Fundamentals; also known as “pre-pilates”

The Principles: centering, control, concentration, precision, breathing, and flowing movement are what make Pilates so unique. All 6 of the principles are an integral part of every session.

The Fundamentals are basic movements to help clients build body awareness and learn how to work from the deep, stabilizing muscles as well as learn to move with precision. Fundamentals will allow students to discover the true essence of Pilates and build a solid practice and efficient movement patterns that help students move through life. Some examples of fundamentals are: (neutral spine, arms over, knee folds, pelvic clock, four point kneeling, abdominal curls) Each exercise, regardless of what apparatus, contains at least one of the fundamentals.

The Principles and Fundamentals of Pilates are the building blocks of any successful Pilates practice.

I work deeply with fundamentals in all sessions in order to help my clients be as successful as they can be in their practice. New client specials are still available for you to get started with your Pilates practice today!

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