Pilates and Athletic Performance

There have been many references to athletes and Pilates, and the benefits Pilates brings to athletic performance;. Pilates is an exercise method that improves, breath, strength, flexibility, posture, alignment, balance and mindfulness, while focusing on developing the deep core musculature.

Athletes can improve their performance with Pilates because it is a very controlled, precise movement. By incorporating the Pilates Method, the athlete becomes more aware of his/her body movement and can gain more control of their body in a more precise manner.

Strengthening of the core muscles is one of the main focuses of Pilates; athletes can learn to activate their core while performing their sport so that the movement becomes more efficient. By activating their core, there is less stress on other joints/muscles. This can also help improve their range of motion, strength and balance.

Body alignment is also key for athletes. Most athletes will experience injury because their bodies are not aligned. By achieving correct alignment while strengthening and stretching and learning correct muscle engagement, they will have less injury, become more agile, and have more balanced musculature. This will in turn increase overall performance.

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