How did I get myself into this?

12 years ago I never would have imagined I would be working in the wonderful world of Pilates. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. Because 15 years ago I was struggling daily with a chronic illness. I had just left the marketing world and I would not return. In 2008, I managed to emerge from the sick bed into the fitness world in search of a cure. I did not discover Pilates right away but when I did...WHOA! It rocked my tight little weak body!

I took a few weekend Reformer 1 training sessions while working as a Personal Trainer. It was painful but exhilarating! I knew right away it was something that my body needed and was a different type of training method than I was used to. I had been lifting for 25 years...need I say more? I then went in search of a certification program; I went to a few studios and tried different styles of Pilates, finally settling at Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA with Tom McCook. Best decision ever!

Fast forward to 2011. I completed my comprehensive Pilates training with Balanced Body. ( I also went on to complete the PMA CPT certification) Also at that time, I was currently working as a Personal Trainer and teaching Pilates at Equinox in Palo Alto, CA. While at Equinox, I had the opportunity to continue as a Pilates instructor and at the same time develop a Pilates program there that grew into a highly profitable business for Equinox. I also had the great opportunity to train many types of clients from athletes to seniors, to professionals and Stanford students. I learned about them and from them; and I learned about myself as an instructor. It was truly wonderful. I never considered myself a teacher, but teaching Pilates allows you to develop your own teaching style and it becomes an integral part of who you are as a person.

IN 2015, I started Bess Mahaney Pilates in Campbell, CA. I am thankful for the opportunities that have come to me as I continue to heal and become a healthier person. I have become stronger both mentally and physically than I could have ever imagined. The great thing about being a Pilates instructor is that you continue to learn and develop as time passes. I look forward to many more years of teaching and helping others become strong and flexible!

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