Pilates and Osteoporosis

Both men and women can suffer from bone loss and it's important and possible that clients can stop or even reverse bone loss later in life. Pilates can provide both weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises which is what is required to keep Osteoporosis from worsening or even starting. I have had clients that have had great results from doing Pilates consistently over the years. Flexion of the spine is not recommended for clients with Osteoporosis, but there are plenty of exercises that will strengthen the body/bones and spine. Extension of the spine is safe for all clients with Osteoporosis. Here is my client doing a classical Pilates exercise call Swan. Perfect for clients with Osteoporosis. This exercise strengthens the entire posterior chain of muscles from upper back to glutes and hamstrings. I am available for Private and duet sessions; currently taking new clients; see new client special on my home page. Cheers!

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