How did I get myself into this?

Ten years ago I never would have imagined I would be working in the wonderful world of Pilates. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. Because ten years ago I was struggling daily with a chronic illness. I had just left the marketing world and I would not return. In 2008, I managed to emerge from the sick bed into the fitness world in search of a cure. I did not discover Pilates right away but when I did...WHOA! It rocked my tight little weak body! I took a few weekend Reformer 1 training sessions while working as a Personal Trainer. It was painful but exhilarating! I knew right away it was something that my body needed and was a different type of training method than I was used

Pilates and Osteoporosis

Both men and women can suffer from bone loss and it's important and possible that clients can stop or even reverse bone loss later in life. Pilates can provide both weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises which is what is required to keep Osteoporosis from worsening or even starting. I have had clients that have had great results from doing Pilates consistently over the years. Flexion of the spine is not recommended for clients with Osteoporosis, but there are plenty of exercises that will strengthen the body/bones and spine. Extension of the spine is safe for all clients with Osteoporosis. Here is my client doing a classical Pilates exercise call Swan. Perfect for clients with Ost

The Ultimate Workout

Pilates is a great way to strengthen and stretch your body simultaneously while working on the deep core musculature. Pilates is beneficial for all types of clients (bodies). It can help prevent injury, help with rehabilitation, balance, mind/body connection, and overall conditioning. No matter what your level of fitness, Pilates is essential to keep the spine supple and keep your body flexible.

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